Tackling the homelessness crisis

In one of the richest cities in the richest country in the history of the planet, there is no reason that anyone should be sleeping in their car, or worried about getting evicted from their home. Safe and dignified housing is a human right.

  • Tenant Protections:

We need to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place. That means protecting tenants by passing rent control measures, establishing a right to counsel, implementing stricter regulations on eviction practices, and investing in financial and relocation assistance programs for tenants who need support.

  • Code enforcement:

Neglected, substandard housing conditions disproportionately affect marginalized communities, especially undocumented Angelenos who are too afraid to speak up for fear of deportation. Ysabel will work to enhance code enforcement efforts, ensuring that landlords are held accountable for maintaining safe and habitable living conditions. This involves increasing the number of inspectors, establishing a responsive complaint system, and implementing stricter penalties for violators.

  • Housing First Approach:

More affordable housing is the only solution to homelessness. We need to make major investments in L.A.’s affordable housing stock, and support initiatives that provide immediate, unconditional housing to homeless people. Investing in affordable housing will also reduce the strain on emergency services, healthcare, and the criminal justice system.

  • Community Resource Hubs:

As your councilmember, Ysabel will invest in community resource hubs that offer shelter, meals, and wraparound services like mental health counseling, job training, and social support. By investing in community resource hubs, we create a comprehensive safety net to address the underlying causes of homelessness, and help unhoused people more easily navigate our complicated housing system.

  • Collaboration with Mutual Aid Groups and Nonprofits:

Local mutual aid groups and nonprofit organizations have been leading important, on-the-ground work for years to support unhoused individuals. They have often earned the trust of our unhoused neighbors and deeply understand their needs. We will work closely with these experts, providing them with the resources and support they need, and using their insights to develop effective policies.

  • Tenant Organizing:

Ysabel’s door will remain open to tenants in the district. She will establish regular town halls and community meetings where tenants can voice their concerns, questions, and ideas. She will actively support and collaborate with tenant unions and organizations to help residents organize for their rights.

  • Tenant Bill of Rights:

Ysabel will collaborate with tenant advocacy groups to establish a comprehensive Tenant Bill of Rights that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords. This will empower tenants with information about their rights and avenues for seeking redress in case of disputes. All tenants across Los Angeles have a right to affordable, secure, and habitable housing free from harassment and discrimination.

  • Ending Violent Sweeps of Homeless Encampments:

41.18 and the violent sweeps of homeless encampments are inhumane, counterproductive, and exacerbate the challenges faced by our unhoused neighbors, pushing them further into the margins of society, re-traumatizing an already highly traumatized community, and often resulting in the loss of critical documents and medications, like IDs, passports, and even medication. Ysabel will actively fight to end these sweeps and replace them with compassionate alternatives, such as Community Resource Hubs, with access to sanitation, healthcare, and social services.

  • Public restrooms for all:

Our unhoused neighbors are among the most vulnerable members of our community, and denying them access to clean and safe restrooms only exacerbates their already dire circumstances. To address the dearth of public restrooms in CD 14,Ysabel will allocate dedicated funding to establish a network of accessible and well-maintained public restrooms throughout the district, with a special focus on areas where homelessness is most prevalent.

  • A LAHSA Living Wage:

Ysabel is committed to fighting to ensure that LA Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) workers are paid a living wage. It's unacceptable that those who dedicate their lives to assisting the unhoused struggle to afford housing themselves. By ensuring fair compensation, we can attract and retain dedicated professionals who can provide effective support to unhoused individuals.

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